Agricultural Urbanism projects include:


AU project require a genuine approach to and investment in building sustainable food systems.  Some of the characteristics of an AU project include:

  • A strong food-agricultural identity
  • Protection of farmland in perpetuity for farming in the form of trusts or covenants registered on title.
  • Connection to the surrounding community in terms of road and trail connectivity, views, and events.
  • Integration not separation of people and land that requires well planned and designed transitions.
  • Transit supportive densities.
  • Intelligent agriculture systems.
  • Urban agriculture.
  • Full scope of food system land uses, from food-oriented commercial and processing areas to community gardens and kitchens.
  • Education and training programs for how to grow, preserve, and prepare foods.
  • Architectural and landscape character that is agriculturally inspired.
  • Design for food-related events.
  • Innovative green infrastructure systems (water, stormwater, energy and waste).
  • Enhancing ecosystems and habitat through thoughtful landscape design and restricting development footprint on ecologically sensitive areas.
  • Increase access to land for farmers through farmer access agreements and affordable long-term lease rates.
  • Leveraging the food and agriculture program with other sustainability goals.