Urban agriculture and edible landscaping

The foundation of any food system is the production of the raw ingredients for food – agriculture.  In an urban context, this is urban agriculture and edible or productive landscaping.

allotment gardens next to city

There is extensive information about urban agriculture available today as it has become a trend and the flashpoint of action for many in trying to develop an alternative to the dominant global food system.

Agricultural Urbanism has a balanced relationship with this movement, promoting the establishment of a strong agricultural element to developments and cities, while simultaneously trying to balance out the obsession with urban agriculture by profiling the many other elements of a food system that need as much attention.

Any Agricultural Urbanism project will include both land and organizational development to support the growing or raising of as much food as possible.

Below are a number of good resources on urban agriculture, edible landscaping, community gardens and permaculture.

edible landscaping 2

Urban agriculture

  • City Farmer Urban Agriculture Guidelines – City Farmer is a Vancouver-based NGO with a long history in supporting urban agriculture.  This is a good resource of information from them. http://www.cityfarmer.org/uajustification.html

edible landscaping

Edible landscaping

  • Home grown edible landscaping – A site based on master gardener Geri Miller’s work with links, resources and a network of experts. http://www.groedibles.com/about/

city hall community garden urban agriculture

Community gardens

  • Australian City Farms and Community Garden Network – A good site with a lot of information from this movement in Australia. http://communitygarden.org.au/


  • Vege Permaculture – This site offers information and a lot of information on various aspects of Permaculture and related topics. http://vergepermaculture.ca/


  • Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements – This is a portal site to information on organic agriculture around the world.  http://www.ifoam.org/