Food security

Food security is a term that can used both to refer to ensuring people have adequate access to healthy food and to refer to emerging discussions on securing the food supply for entire countries.  The statistics on the number of individuals in North America without access to a secure source of food are surprising given the level of wealth in the continent as well as the level of food that is wasted every day.

food line

One of the most interesting recent trends in food security has been the emergence of “Mobile Food Markets.”   Mobile fresh markets (MFM) are a social innovation for increasing access to healthy food in areas with limited access (eg: food deserts).  While mobile markets are clearly not a new invention per se, using MFMs as a strategy for increasing food access in low income, food insecure areas is a new approach.  MFMs have been increasing in popularity in the US for the past five years and are beginning to make an appearance in Canadian Cities.  Follow the file link below to download a 2 pager that summarizes what MFMs  are, how they operate, and strategies for developing financial break-even models.

Mobile food market


An Agricultural Urbanism project endeavours to:

  • Provide the widest access to food possible, from places to grow your own, to food banks; and
  • Support the greatest local food supply possible through enhancing each element of the food system within the region.

Below are some resources and information on food security issues.

  • Economic Research Service of the USDA  – The ERS is the main source of economic information and research from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Its web site provides a wealth of information on topics from nutrition to food consumption to biotechnology and agriculture.